Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thieves target pedigree pets

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Having a beloved pet stolen is a doggone painful experience for the owner.Star Metro talks to some dog lovers about their ordeal.

WHEN systems analyst Rafiq Seth took a five-minute stroll recently to the nearby mamak stall to buy a takeaway lunch, he didn’t know that in that short span of time, his two beloved pet dogs would be dognapped.

On his return home, he discovered to his horror that the compound was vacant, devoid of his dogs’ usual lively barking and tail-wagging to welcome him home.

His German Shepherd Stella and Siberian Husky Oreo were nowhere to be seen.

Rafiq, who has been staying in Bandar Saujana Puchong at that time, said his neighbours had told him that well-dressed men in a Honda Jazz car had stopped outside his home that afternoon to coax his dogs.

Thinking the men were his friends, his neighbour did not give much thought to it.Read More


Tips on finding your lost pet

>Look around and inform your neighbours

>Search your property thoroughly. Cats and small dogs can get into some mighty strange places.

>Walk the neighbourhood, talk to everybody, and leave your phone number with them.

Go to each house in the area where your pet was lost and talk to the residents. Write down a description of your lost pet and your phone number and leave it with them. Leave it attached to their door if they are not home.

>Call local veterinary offices or pet stores to find out if your pet was injured and taken for treatment. Pet stores should also be informed in case a captor tries to sell a stolen pet.

>Find out if your pet has been killed on the road from local councils usually pick up dead animals from the roadside and city streets.

>It is important to post many flyers about your lost pet. Overall, flyers or posters produce more finds than anything else. Include details like the date and place the pet was lost, breed, age, sex, weight, colour and your contact details. However, do not put down your name or address on the flyer. Use a colour photograph if possible but leave out certain identifying marks to prevent scams.

>Don’t give up! Pets have been known to find their way back home after being lost for several months.

Source: PetRescue.com


Ice Pony Goddess said...

There's a great Yahoo Gropups! list for posting Lost and Missing Pets. It's called K9 Amber Alert.

Pets Corner said...

Thank you! The site mentioned is helpful and I will take note of it.