Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't Declaw Your Cat - A Humane Alternative

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Story By: Robert Sessions

If you are a cat owner, you've in all probability had a great piece of furniture or set of draperies damaged by scratching and climbing. No one wants to see their nice things destroyed, but please do not believe you must declaw your feline pals to be able to guard your furniture. Declawing cats and kittens is inhumane and pointless.

You see, a cat's claw isn't like a fingernail. A cat's claws are actually connected to the last bone in its toe. When a veterinarian removes the claw, he also removes that bone plus the joint for the next bone. Picture amputating the last bone in every one of your fingers! Declawed cats often grow to be aggressive, withdrawn or fearful.

It helps to know the reason for the behavior to be able to uncover a natural option. Cats don't scratch and climb simply because they are evil, they do it because they are cats. These are natural instinctive behaviors. The best strategy to keep kitty from scratching fixtures or climbing window treatments is to offer an alternative in the form of a cat condo or cat tree.

Give Muffy or Tiger an appropriate place to scratch and climb. Get a tough cat tree that is sufficiently tall to let him or her climb up and look down on the world. Make sure to include a scratching post of sisal rope or some equivalent materials wrapped around the trunk. Your pet cat doesn't want to ruin your furniture, he merely wants to groom his nails and climb.

It is possible to build a cat condo or buy one. In any case, explore the World wide web for design suggestions. You'll discover cat trees ranging from very basic to extremely elaborate. The essential thing is that it really is tough and offers your kitty a spot to climb and scratch. When buying on line, remember that cat trees may be rather large so search for free shipping.

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