Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Survive Tough Economic Times With Your Dog

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Story by Eric Letendre

When you are facing tough economic times-there is no need for your best friend to go with less or to go without. Your dog has some basic needs that can be tended to at a discount. Your dog's needs are: exercise, food, training, veterinary care, social contact and grooming. Here are some ways to take care of those needs when you are facing tough economic times.

The first thing most people think about when it comes to tough times with their dog is food. There are ways that you can feed your dog without spending a lot of money. Remember, we want to find low-cost ways to feed your dog, but we also want to provide maximum health.

Fifty years ago there was no such thing as commercial dog food. The dog ate whatever the family was eating. A lot of experts think this is much healthier for the dog. How can food that can be stored on a shelf for up to six months provide all of the nutrients for your dog? I strongly believe that leftover fruits, vegetables and meat is good for your dog. Anytime you have overripe fruit (except grapes and raisins) vegetables and chicken, fish or beef, add it to your dog's regular food. Supplementing with leftovers will reduce the amount of food needed from the bag.

Vets don't all charge the same prices. Low-cost spay and neuter clinics have become very popular. Many of these also provide excellent veterinary services at a reduced cost. Check in your area to see if one is available for your dog.

Most people don't know this, but the number one reason for dogs being put to sleep in the United States is behavior problems. One of the best ways to ensure that your dog lives a long, happy life is to provide proper training. There are some excellent training programs that you can get for a very low cost on the Internet.

Keeping your dog properly groomed is important and can be done with a few simple grooming tools. For short coat breeds (terriers), all you need is some shampoo and conditioner, cotton balls to clean the ears and a nail trimmer. Dogs with longer coats require the same, but you will need a slicker brush and I also recommend a Furminator if your dog sheds a lot.

Get a group of friends together so you can form a play group for your dogs. Dogs are extremely social animals and need to interact with people and other dogs. Meeting at least once a week will provide your dog with all of her social needs.

Last and most important is to keep a positive attitude during any tough times you may encounter. They will pass-and when they do-you will be much happier knowing that you can get through those tough times together.

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