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The Right Toys for your Cat

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By: Scribbler

The first thing you do when you get a kitten home is provide him with love, shelter and then search for cat names so that you can call her by her name. Makes it more personal!

Content: The first thing you do when you get a kitten home is provide him with love, shelter and then search for cat names so that you can call her by her name. Makes it more personal!

Once the cat names ceremony is over, you need to initiate a basic training so that your cat starts responding to your commands. Most of the training will require you to offer your cat with treats, cat food and cat toys. Every cat has his/her toys so why should your cat be any different!

Although cats generally have different play styles than their canine counterparts, cat toys are as much a necessity for cats as they are for dogs. Cat toys help fight boredom and give cats an outlet for their instinctive prey-chasing behaviors. When you are the one moving the toy around while your cat fishes for it, chases after it, or jumps in pursuit of it, playtime becomes a bonding experience for you and your cat.

Your cat is innately curious and naturally playful. She will play with you, another cat, or even a puppy. Toys serve many useful purposes for your cat, keeping her fit both physically and mentally. Without toys your cat will become bored and she will find potentially destructive ways to entertain herself.

Cats love to play ball and they can do it inside your home without knocking down your precious Sicilian vase or Georgian lamp. There are certain factors that may contribute to the safety of the cat toys they're batting with. Many of those factors are completely dependent upon the cat's size, activity level, and preferences. Another important factor to be considered is the environment in which your cat spends her time. Although you can't guarantee the enthusiasm of your cat or her safety with cat toys, here are some guidelines that can be followed:

Be Cautious: The things that are usually the most attractive to cats are often the very things that are the most dangerous. Cat-proof your home by removing string, ribbon, yarn, rubber bands, plastic milk jug rings, paper clips, pins, needles, dental floss, and anything else that could be ingested. All of these items are dangerous, no matter how cute your cat may appear when she's playing with them.

Avoid or alter any cat toys that are not "cat-proof" by removing ribbons, feathers, strings, eyes, or other small parts that could be chewed and ingested. Soft cat toys should be machine washable. Look for stuffed cat toys that are labeled as safe for children under three years of age and that don't contain any dangerous fillings. Problem fillings include things like nutshells and polystyrene beads.

Recommended cat toys

1. Round plastic shower curtain rings, which are fun either as a single ring to bat around, hide, or carry, or when linked together and hung in an enticing spot.
2. Plastic balls, with or without bells inside.
3. Ping-Pong balls and plastic practice golf balls with holes, to help cats carry them.
4. Paper bags with any handles removed. Paper bags are good for pouncing, hiding, and interactive play. Plastic bags are not a good idea, as many cats like to chew and ingest the plastic.
5. Sisal-wrapped toys, which are very attractive to cats who tend to ignore soft toys.
6. Empty cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels, made even more fun if you "unwind" a little cardboard to get them started.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Things We Do Not Know About Boxer Dogs

By Richard Cussons

Boxer dogs were developed from an old breed known as the Brabanter Bullenbeisser from Belgium, which was used to hunt wild boar. The Brabanters were cross-bred with the early version of the English Bulldogs in 1830, and the cross-breeding came up with the Boxers most of us adore nowadays.

Boxer dogs are very square-built and medium-sized, stand 21 to 25 inches high, and weigh 60 pounds more or less. They have expressive brown eyes and jaws very square with an undershot bite. Because they are born with large, droopy ear flaps and long thin tail, most breeders in the USA have their ears trimmed and taped to stand erect, and have the tail shortened.

These trimming of ears and shortening of tails of Boxer dogs has originated in Germany for the purpose of not letting the wild boars tear much flesh from them during the hunt. For this reason, their strong and a little menacing looks gave them the reputation of being guard dogs.

Although they are not-so-friendly with strangers, these dogs are affectionate and love to play around with their families. Boxers are also very energetic and playful to the point of creating their own entertainment that are not very pleasing to humans. The best thing to do in this situation is to give your pet an ample time of play and exercise until he is steamed off.

Surprisingly, despite of their rough looks, Boxer dogs are gentle with children. However, each dog is an individual, so proper training and supervision is necessary to make sure both your Boxer and your children get along with each other. What is funny about this breed is that they tend to believe that they were bred to be lap dogs, even if they become sixty-pound babies!

Any dog breed requires training including Boxer dogs. They are so energetic and powerful that owners need to give them obedience training to be able to control them. Obedience training should start on the pet's sixth month until the owner can work on getting him used to the leash.

Boxer dogs are very clean and only shed moderately, so a Boxer owner can make use of a nice brush that can remove little dirt from his coat and distribute the coat oils to give him a glossy sheen. They rarely need bathing, but you can wash their feet if the has been in the mud. Also check his nails once in a while and give a little clip if necessary.

Those menacing and strong looks might change your mind having Boxer dogs at home. Well, think again. Behind those not-so-friendly looks of a Boxer lies the sweetest, funniest, and most caring pet you have always wanted to be part of the family.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exercise Techniques in Cats

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By James Gosling

Cats are basically predators and they will hunt down their prey instinctively. If you have a cat at home then you need to first get pet supplies for your cat so that he is always fit and healthy. But remember, in spite of the fact that you feed them if they see a rat they will still pounce instinctively and kill it. But house cats can sometimes become lazy and sleep their time off. There are certain exercise techniques that you can follow to keep them agile, awake and fit.

What Works?

Cats can be a little trickier because the type of play that they engage in is different than that of dogs. Cats engage in either social play, which is the romp, wrestle, and chase that you see between littermates or between cats living in the same household. Or they engage in object play, which is where they will stalk, pounce, chase and play with an object so they can kill it. Object play is what you should focus on when it comes to exercising your cat. There are many interactive type play toys on the market that work, and many can be found in pet supplies stores. Several of these are detailed later. Whatever game you and your cat enjoy will work, just remember to keep up the pace for fifteen minutes.

What are the benefits?

The benefits you will experience for a regular exercise routine are endless.

• Pets who have had their bodies and their minds stimulated by regular play tend to act out problem behaviors less frequently
• Your pet will be gaining social skills by interacting with you on a regular basis
• The bond between you and your pet will be strengthened, creating an even happier home life for you both.
• You will get exercise right along side your pet
• Your pet's health will be improved so that they can live a longer and healthier life

Here are a few exercise that your cat can do on a regular basis to keep fit. Apart from exercise, you should always take him to the vet whenever possible and get pet health check-up done. Pet supplies are also important because only if your cat eats well will he be able to stay fit through exercise. So assuming that you have the pet supplies and have got a pet health check-up done, here are some exercises:

• Use a toy that is interactive for your cat and either has a rat tail or bird feathers. Move it like the rat or like a bird and see your cat leap and trying to catch it. This exercise is great for their predatory skills too.

Set up a box, and make tunnels that are soft-sided. These will be like small or mini obstacle courses that will not only help your cat get his quota of physical exercise and predatory skills but will keep him healthy and fit always. There are plenty of tunnels, small walls, boxes that can be made using cardboard. But remember if you are putting your cat through exercise then you need to feed him well too and hence always have ready pet supplies.

• Cats like anything that moves even if it is a tennis ball or a yarn ball. Get a tennis ball for him and watch him play with it as the ball keeps moving. If you are lucky, you will get to see him play some serious soccer!

• You can encourage your cat to scratch by using an interactive toy near a tall post. This will enable cats to stretch, which will help tone the muscles of their back and shoulders, and the overall pet health.

• Toy balls on a slick surface floor can peek some kitties interest

• Catnip toys can also aid in getting your cat into the game

• Laser toys are a big plus with many cats (Though hazardous if pointed in the eyes)

As well as all of these techniques you can also create a fake tree inside your home or let your cat jump off the branches of a small tree in your garden. This kind of exercise will help him to improve his balance as well as co-ordination.

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How To Choose Best Food For Your Dog?

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>By Kendy Smith

Dog owners are concerned about making sure their pets get the healthiest options available when it comes to dog food. Owners spend time and effort reading up on the optimum nutritional values in dog food and the alternatives. Today our pets have a wide variety to meet their tastes and needs and we have our choice of what kind of food we can choose to feed them. Despite the variety, pet foods usually fall into three major categories. These categories are: Grocery store foods, these types of dog and pet foods are usually found in grocery stores and mass marketed retailers and can contain lower quality, less expensive ingredients. The second category is "premium dog foods," which can also be found in grocery's stores but are also found in pet stores and through your local veterinarian's office.

These types of foods are usually made from some higher quality ingredients and are usually made evident by the expense of the food. Some of these pet foods though can contain lower quality ingredients that you aren't aware of. The third and final category is healthy dog foods which are a relatively new addition and make use of the latest research into the best foods and blends for your pet.

So what is best for our pet and how do we choose the proper dog food?

Quality, healthy ingredients make quality, healthy dog food. Nutrition is important no matter whether you're a person or a pet. Pets, just like humans, need good nutrition not just to survive but to truly be healthy. They need good quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fats. This is where premium, healthy dog food can benefit your pets.

Typically, healthy dog food contains quality protein, good quality carbohydrates and fiber, natural fats and preservatives. The protein does not come from dead or diseased animals and you will never see the word by-product on the label. By-products (feet, bones intestines, etc) are inferior protein sources that are sometimes used and can be very hard for your dog to digest. Less digestion means less nutritious and therefore not as healthy. Quality protein helps build and maintain muscle strength.

If you see corn, soy or wheat used as protein sources instead of meat, you now know your pet isn't getting healthy dog food. Good quality carbohydrates give your pet the energy to be active. Good fiber sources help promote a healthy digestive system and colon. Quality fats from animal sources contain omega fatty acids that benefit the skin and coat.

Believe it or not dog food manufacturers that label their bags "premium food" use these ingredients as well as chemical preservatives and artificial colors that can be harmful to pets.

Benefits beyond healthy nutrition

When your pet is eating right, it feels better, giving you a happy and more playful companion, fewer trips to the vet, and less wasted food. Ultimately, giving your pet better food might seem expensive initially, but keeping your pet healthy saves you money, time and expense in the long run. Healthy, premium dog food can possibly extend the life of your pet giving you more quality years together.

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