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Information on Why Shih Tzus Are Called Lion Dogs

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I attended a dog show and two of the shih tzus dogs got my attraction.They are just beautiful and cute. Justin Mathers will share you some information about Shih Tzus dogs

The amiable, intellectual, and majestic Shih Tzu (pronounced sheed zoo) is very small in stature, but it makes a big impression on everyone it meets. Wherever the Shih Tzu goes, it draws admirers to its winning persona, lavish coat, and graceful demeanor. Due to the Shih Tzu's size at only nine to ten inches (22.8 to 25.4 cm) high at the shoulder and weighing about nine to sixteen pounds (4 to 7.2 kg), these bundles of joy are just the right size for every home and lap.

In Chinese Shih Tzu means "lion". Asiatic dogs for hundreds of years were bred to resemble miniature lions. These so-called "Lion dogs" were small and bearded, had encompassing heads, level faces, short noses, huge round eyes, square bodies, and short legs. In the Buddhist religion, Lions are held in great esteem. It is said that Buddha considered the lions sacred and was known to have tamed a lion and rode it. According to legend, a Lion followed Buddha everywhere he went. The spirits of Buddhist monks were also believed to be housed by Shih Tzu's, while following Buddha's example.

The dark markings across the back of the Shih Tzu are said to bear a similarity to the saddle Buddha used to ride a lion, whereas the white blaze on the brow is called the "Star of Buddha". Throughout history, the breeders of these majestic dogs have done their best to follow the ideal standards of keeping the breed as similar as possible to the Shih Tzu's of ancient times.

In China, the Shih Tzu was considered a rare and valuable treasure for religious connotation for centuries. Today the extraordinary Shih Tzu has captured the hearts and minds of dog lovers worldwide.

Did you know?

Brachycephalic is a name given to dogs with short skulls, flat faces, and short noses. These brachycephalic breeds, which include Shih Tzu's, Pugs, and Pekingese all, originated in Central Asia.

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