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Deaf Dog Hearing Aid

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Story By Chaim Golan

You anticipate to listen to what is going around you. Typically you even want to listen to be alerted to danger. Deaf dogs have the same wants, however we anticipate them to adapt to life without their hearing. Some deaf dogs can, so why use  hearing aids for deaf dogsin any respect?

It is amazing what number of deaf dogs live well up into their teens these days. This is as a result of the good veterinarians and their modern techniques. As in humans, the older the dogs population will get, the more certain situations will probably be prevalent. Hearing loss is one among these conditions.

How do I find if my dog has a hearing problem ? You possibly can call him and he will not respond. Or perhaps he will, however provided that he is looking right at you. He may even gaze the wrong direction to discover you whenever you call him. You would possibly notice that he seems to be sleeping all the time, and whenever you attempt to wake him up, you possibly can not without moving him. And, identical to a toddler with hearing problems, he might be fussing with his ears or moving his head around.

Hearing aids for deaf dogs would be the solution for these problems. Some clinics provide a hearing test to deaf dogs . When the check is completed, the dog owner will know what sort of hearing loss the animal suffers from and if anything may be done about it. The clinic makes use of hearing aids for deaf dogs in a plan that involves getting the dog used to the aid. This takes a couple of month during which the loudness is slowly raised until it's at the most effective level. The hearing aids cost about $250 each. These applications for hearing aids for deaf dogs allow the deaf dogs to get settled in to using them without an excessive amount of discomfort.

One kind of hearing aids for deaf dogs is a contraption that is mounted on a dog collar. The container with the hearing aid goes on the collar and tubes go from that to a foam plug that's located in the ear of the dog. It's just like a BTE (behind the ear), hearing aid in structure. Smaller deaf dogs seem to take to these gadgets pretty well, but the larger breeds do not seem to like them as much.

Some companies supply ITE ( in the ear) hearing aids for deaf dogs. For these, the veterinary takes a mold of the deaf dog ear canal. This is dispatched in to the laboratory and a human ITE is built into it. There are some doubt whether or not a deaf dog will take to the testing and fitting and at last the hearing aids' being put in his ears is doubtful. Some will and a few won't. Many dog owners really feel that it is well worth the expense and the difficulty to try. In reality, there are some pet veterinary insurance coverage firms that pay the price for them.

Nothing is the same to a dog when he pick up the sound of his owner's voice. He will likely be safer because he's better able to notice danger. He will be happier as a result of he will not be mistaken about unnatural changes in his world that hearing loss brings. Hearing aids for deaf dogs could make their lives a lot better. To many dog owners, that's cause enough.

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The Author is the owner of this The Hearing Aid web site .
He is also an ardent Nordic Walker .

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't Declaw Your Cat - A Humane Alternative

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Story By: Robert Sessions

If you are a cat owner, you've in all probability had a great piece of furniture or set of draperies damaged by scratching and climbing. No one wants to see their nice things destroyed, but please do not believe you must declaw your feline pals to be able to guard your furniture. Declawing cats and kittens is inhumane and pointless.

You see, a cat's claw isn't like a fingernail. A cat's claws are actually connected to the last bone in its toe. When a veterinarian removes the claw, he also removes that bone plus the joint for the next bone. Picture amputating the last bone in every one of your fingers! Declawed cats often grow to be aggressive, withdrawn or fearful.

It helps to know the reason for the behavior to be able to uncover a natural option. Cats don't scratch and climb simply because they are evil, they do it because they are cats. These are natural instinctive behaviors. The best strategy to keep kitty from scratching fixtures or climbing window treatments is to offer an alternative in the form of a cat condo or cat tree.

Give Muffy or Tiger an appropriate place to scratch and climb. Get a tough cat tree that is sufficiently tall to let him or her climb up and look down on the world. Make sure to include a scratching post of sisal rope or some equivalent materials wrapped around the trunk. Your pet cat doesn't want to ruin your furniture, he merely wants to groom his nails and climb.

It is possible to build a cat condo or buy one. In any case, explore the World wide web for design suggestions. You'll discover cat trees ranging from very basic to extremely elaborate. The essential thing is that it really is tough and offers your kitty a spot to climb and scratch. When buying on line, remember that cat trees may be rather large so search for free shipping.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

French Bulldog Puppies and Their Allergies

By melville jackson 

It may be surprising but many dogs suffer from allergies, both environmental and food, and French Bulldogs can react very easily. You may not know how to recognize the symptoms when you don’t know what they are.

Smaller dogs and light-haired dogs are more susceptible to allergies than others, such as French Bulldog puppies with their light colored fur and small stature. Some think the small breed of a French Bulldog are more susceptible to allergies because they are closer to the ground and irritants such as grass and pollen. Their short, fine fur also allows for easy access to the skin to cause more irritation. Whatever the reason, allergies for your French Bulldog puppy are just as miserable for him as allergies are for you.

French Bulldogs puppies with environmental allergies, also called canine atopic dermatitis, are known to rub their face on carpeting or furniture, scratch at their ears and eyes more than normal and chew their feet, legs and pads. If your Frenchie is doing this, it may be because the irritants are on his skin causing itching and scratching nonstop. Try wiping his feet and face off with a damp cloth after each potty break outside. This will help to remove some of the irritants plaguing your pup. And the cold water will provide some relief to your pup’s skin.

Recurrent ear infections are also a big sign of allergies. It is best to talk to your veterinarian to determine if this is caused by allergies or a more serious ear condition. Depending on the diagnosis, your vet may recommend an ear rinse that can be bought at any pet store. This will help to wash out any allergens that may be lingering in the ear canal as well as washing away any dirt. Your French Bulldog puppy can be especially prone to ear infections because of the large size of his ears. The ears could be trapping in irritants, pollens and other allergens in the air to wreak havoc in the ear canal.

Now that you know the symptoms, your French Bulldog puppy scratching all of the furniture and chewing his feet may not be such a big mystery. Now it’s time to take action against the allergens!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Human Foods That Are Toxic For Cats

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By: Anna B O`Brien

We all use to be guilty of it. Admit it. We have given our cat table scraps from our plate. You love your cat. Showing that you love him/her is usually by giving into what they want.

When your cat is begging for a piece of turkey or any other goodie on your plate you do what all animal lovers do you give in and let your cat have what they want.

The only problem with doing that is you may be giving your cat food that could be harmful to cats.

First, it is best to train your cat not to be at the table when you or anyone else is eating. It is just good manners. You do not want to have company and have your cat begging at the table.

The main reason for not feeding your cat table scraps is much more important, and here is why.

For example: you are having a turkey dinner. Is their gravy on your turkey and do you feed a piece of that turkey to your cat.

You could be harming your cat.

Many types of gravy have onion-flavored broth and onions like garlic and other root vegetables are among the list of foods that cats should never eat.

Potatoes that are raw as well as green tomatoes also can be harmful to your cat. So when peeling potatoes if any fall on the floor make sure your cat does not get a hold of it.

Tomatoes that are green are harmful especially the stems and leaves. They contain toxins that are dangerous for cats. Unlike ripe tomatoes, those have no danger to your cat.

I think by now we know that chocolate is just plain bad for animals. It is deadly for dogs and cats. Keep it away from all pets.

We have all seen movies and read books where people put out a saucer of milk for cats. That is wrong and should not be done.

I am not saying that milk is toxic or dangerous to cats. It just does not have a purpose for cats that have a healthy diet.

It can have side effects for them that are extremely uncomfortable.
In addition, many cats are lactose-intolerant and milk can make them have diarrhea and an upset stomach.

There are products on the market designed for cats that are better for them then milk. One such product is called Catsip. It is available in many supermarkets and has better nutritional value for your cat. Therefore, if you have a cat that just loves milk try this instead.

Last two foods that may cause harm to your cat are grapes and raisins.
They seem to have an adverse effect on many cats, so the ASPCA has recommended that you keep these two foods away from your cat.

Therefore, when your cat comes begging give him/her a treat that was made for cats. There is any number of healthy treats available now that you can safely give that will make your cat happy and you will not have to worry about toxic side effects.

Remember our pets think we know what we are doing and depend on us to keep them safe. That is the least we can do since we are so fortunate to have these wonderful animals in our life.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Do People Choose The German Shepard As Their Dog

German Shepherds requires a lot of time, stimulation, training and exercise
Story by: Steve Rankin

Dogs called German Shepherds were first exhibited at shows in Germany towards the end of the nineteenth century but they were hardly Shepherds as we know them today being rough coated, short tailed and rather resembling mongrels. The German Shepherd Dog as we now know it didn't really appear until after the Second World War.

The breed has grown enormously in popularity and is now one of the most popular pedigree breeds in the UK as a pet, it is still the favourite working breed for many forces especially the police and they are widely used for security purposes.

It is a fine sight to see a well-trained GSD with his handler, working well to serve and protect. Unfortunately one of the saddest sites is the poor GSD used to guard premises often chained up alone in some dismal filthy yard with a lifetime of incarceration and little stimulation to look forward to.

The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent beast who will show undying devotion to his master but he is a dog that needs company and stimulation to be at his best.

If you are thinking of buying a German Shepherd as a pet and you have not previously owned one, it is important to research the breed and talk to experienced owners so that you fully understand what you are taking on.
GSD's do indeed make wonderful family pets but it is important to remember that this is a working breed and that they do have certain characteristics that can make them more difficult than your average Retriever, Labrador or Collie.

The characteristics of a good working GSD should be firmness of nerve, attentiveness, unshockability, tractability, watchfulness, reliability, and incorruptibility together with courage tenacity and hardness.
A German Shepherd is naturally protective and territorial which is something to bear in mind if you have lots of visitors to your house when careful introduction may be required to assure your pet that the visitor is not a threat to his family.

This is also a breed that requires a lot of time, stimulation, training and exercise - you will never wear them out, they will always be ready for more. A bored, lonely GSD can be very destructive and can cause an awful lot of damage to property in a short space of time.

Perhaps some of the less endearing traits of this breed are the tendency to be very vocal which can be a big nuisance and may be a problem with neighbours. They also shed hair in copious amounts all year round so your vacuum cleaner will work overtime and it's unlikely that your clothes and furnishings will ever be free of dogs hairs again as well as what you are eating invariably being contaminated with that stray hairs.

The biggest problem with the German Shepherd Dog is the fact that to a large extent the breed is being spoilt by irresponsible breeding by inexperienced back street breeders who care nothing about preserving the breed but only about making money from the selling of puppies, Health and temperament problems are all too common, so it is important to take expert advice and try and find a reputable source if you are contemplating buying a puppy.

Consider first taking on a rescue German Shepherd Dog from a reputable rescue that should be able to give you a good assessment of a particular dog. Remember too that an older GSD will be a very rewarding addition to the family and will be housetrained, won't chew, well behaved, probably require less exercise than a young dog and will be very loyal and grateful.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Cat Urine Smell - - 3 Steps to Getting Relief From Feline Urine Odor

Story by: Debbie Davis

Removing cat urine odor can sometimes seem impossible, particularly if your cat pees in a spot that's hard to find or reach. Here are 3 effective steps to take to remove cat odor safely and effectively.

1. Find the spot. This can be a challenge if your cat urinated while you were away, and the spot has had time to dry and is hard to see. Use a black light to help you locate the offending spot. A black light is best used when it's relatively dark and the urine spots will glow brightly when the black light shines on them.

2. Neutralize the area. There's no shortage of suggestions, ideas and products that are designed to get rid of cat urine. Choose a product that is safe for your cat (and you), and that breaks down the urine rather than adding another smell to cover the urine odor.

3. Use an air purifier designed to remove cat urine odor. Realize that with a cat in the family mistakes will happen, and even if you find and neutralize the spot, while you're completing the process your home still smells like cat urine.

If you've inherited your space from another owner who had cats, short of removing the carpet and refinishing wood floors, there may be spots that you will never find, but the odor will persist. The right air purifier is a safe, non-invasive, and continuous way to keep the air smelling clean.

Check the technical specifications to make sure that the cleaner you're considering has a filter that will remove urine odor. If it is unclear about this or doesn't specify, it probably will not do the job. Call the company to inquire about the filter make-up that makes it effective against urine.

Look for references from those who have used the product. Professional and personal references listed with the product are an excellent indication of who has used the product and how successful it has been.

For instance, if a groomer, kennel, or rescue organization is currently using the product, it's a pretty good indicator that those who have a need that is probably greater than yours have found the product to be effective.

However, nothing will tell you how well it will work for you in your space with your cat until it's in your space with your cat. Make sure you understand the return policy, but chances are, if there is a good return policy your won't need it.

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Ear Infections in Dogs

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Story by: Kelly Marshall

If you have ever suffered from an inner ear infection then you understand the pain and discomfort that it can cause. Thankfully, people can communicate their agony and contact a doctor for help. Unfortunately, a dog cannot do the same. Therefore, it is strictly up to the pet's owner to identify the discomfort from an ear infection and take the animal to the vet for treatment.

A middle or inner ear infection is a condition that needs to be given attention and treated promptly. If left untreated for a lengthy amount of time, the condition can worsen. It is extremely important to take notice of any signs that your dog exhibits that may indicate a problem with the ear.

There are several different indicators that may lead one to suspect that a dog is experiencing pain from an ear infection. Many dogs will shake their heads in attempt to knock out the agony. Others may scratch at their heads and ears to try to comfort them. In extreme cases, you may even notice a discharge coming from the ear or the head may appear swollen and inflamed. The ear may even have a bad odor from the infection build-up inside of it.

When a dog has a middle or inner ear infection, it is usually caused from an problem that began outside of the ear and progressed inward. For this reason, it is critical to quickly treat any types of infections that are visible on the outer ear. These infections can be contributed to ear mites, poor hygiene, allergies, or filthy living conditions. Most ear infections in dogs are not bacterial as those found in humans.

Dogs with ears that flop over are especially susceptible to getting infections of the ear. If you own a pet, such as a cocker spaniel, that has floppy ears, it is important to keep the ears properly groomed. During each cleaning, check the dog's ears for any signs of infections. You will also want to carefully clip the hairs around the inner ear to prevent debris from becoming trapped.

If you believe that your canine may have an infection in his ear, you should contact your vet. The doctor will give the dog an otoscopic exam to confirm the problem. An x-ray of the dog's head may also be needed. In some cases, the dog may need to be sedated in order for the doctor to give a thorough exam and flush the ear.

Most vets will treat an ear infection in a dog with a form of oral antibiotic. In some cases, a cream or ointment that is either antibiotic or anti-fungal will also be prescribed. It is typically suggested that you put drops in the dog's ear to control the discomfort. It is extremely important to clean the ear before applying medicines. Ear mites will also need to be treated if present.

Ear infections can lead to very serious conditions if left untreated. In some cases, these conditions call for treatment though surgery. To prevent your pet from getting an ear infection, keep the pet properly groomed and treat ear mites as soon as they are noticed. If you feel that your pet may have an ear infection, contact your vet as soon as possible.

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Cat food allergies.

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Story by: Margaret Atwood

You cannot exactly tell you with the purpose of you are giving him or her illegal type of food. Here piece of information, your cant could not realize how the food with the purpose of he or she is drinking is making him or her uncomfortable. According to studies, cat food allergies in very collective between cats in the nation.

Several types of cat food being sold in the bazaar now with the purpose of does not really sit well the stomach of a number of cats. Most of these base with the purpose of cause cat food allergies are meat based products such as individuals with the purpose of are made prohibited of beef. Here a number of suitcases, cat food containing fish and dairy products might and receive your cat sick.

The purpose of the food you are giving him or her is making him or her sick, you better be alert to the secret code and symptoms of cat food allergies. You quick attention to the condition of your cat could well save his or her life.

Signs and Symptoms of Cat Food Allergies

Cat food allergies might be manifested in the dryness and flaking of your cat's skin. If you notice to your cat has flakes and to it constantly scratching itself in nearly parts of its body, it would be wise instead of you to investigate the cause of this behavior. Experts believe to present are convinced ingredients in cat food to can cause cat food allergies to might be the forerunner to hairless of your cat.

Tp finish your cat behind its beautiful coat, it is better to switch to one more type of food and ensure come again? Happens. At home mainly personal belongings, cat food allergies symptoms disappear on one occasion you discontinue giving your cat something to caused the allergies.

Cat food allergies another sign of is the loss of taste on your cat. At home nearly personal belongings, you cat might experience touchy bowel syndrome everyplace your cat will take voluminous stools Or constipation. If you notice to your cat is a lesser amount of on the go to he or she used to be, observe your cat instead of a period and note down the way he or she defecates.

If your cat does not worry much, strains after momentary stool or pass voluminous stool, you ought to take your cat to the vet on one occasion. Cat food allergies can take nearly serious on nearly cats so force to surely to your cat is satisfactory by taking it to the vet directly

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Is Raw Food Diet Best For My Dog?

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Story by: Sharondarochelle40

The main question on every dog owners mind is what kind of food they should feed their pet. The health of your dog to a large extent depends on the type and quality of food you feed him. Since the market is flooded with so many different types and brands of dog food; the question of whether to feed a dry processed, raw food or what we like best, a combination of both to the dogs obviously comes to one’s mind.

Raw food is considered the best for dogs. It’s the way nature made them to eat. In our pet nutritional store we’ve helped hundreds of owners overcome many health issues by switching to a raw diet. It is also the best for preventing dog allergies from the grain based dry food diets. However, the main reason why people are skeptical to feed raw food to their dogs is the potential risk of the presence of bacteria and pathogens in raw meat. Yes, it is true that raw meat may contain bacteria like Salmonella. But, nature has gifted dogs with strong digestive system. Their stomach has high amounts of acid, and food sits in there stomach much longer than humans which enables them to destroy the bad bacteria’s. If your dog is on antibiotics and/or has a weekend immune system, you should feed lightly cooked meat to him. This will eliminate the possibility of infections due to pathogens and will also provide a required high moisture diet.

Raw and home-cooked dog food has several benefits. They are high in moisture content and are rich of proteins and carbohydrates. They do not contain chemical additives and fillers as is in the case of processed dog food. Most pet natural food stores like ours will sell a variety of frozen raw foods that is meant for pets. Most contain ground bone and organ meat to provide needed nutrients. Cost vary, some local sources can be more economic than canned food.

If you are feeding your dog a raw diet, you should ensure that your dog gets the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients. He should be fed with meat combined with the right source of carbohydrates like oats, barley, and brown rice. Also, you should add some fresh fruits and vegetables to your pet’s diet to provide him the essential minerals and vitamins. Feeding natural supplements to your pet will also ensure his good health. Some of the natural supplements needed are omega 3 from fish or flax oil, a good multivitamin and probiotics. If you are not comfortable feeding raw to your dogs, then you must add an enzyme to their diet. Without enzymes, there own body needs to produce the enzymes to digest there food. This is called “Enzyme Robbing” and over time this puts unnatural strain on their body’s organs and will likely lead to a cancer and/or degenerative type disease.

The diet requirements of no two dogs are the same. The nutritional requirement of your dog depends on their age, activity, weight and health conditions. If you are confused about what and how to feed your dog, you should consult a holistic veterinarian or canine nutritionist. These professionals know all about the diet and health of dogs, and therefore can help you choose the right dog food for your pet. Your local regular veterinarian is usually not trained in nutrition as most people believe.

About the Author

Roger & Kristina McLeskey are owners of a pet boutique and natural food store. They offer professional nutritional information based on their years of experience in helping pets and their owners overcome many dog food | dog allergy issues. Visit us for free articles on many dog related issues at www.411-for-dogs.com.

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What Are The Characteristics Of Tonkinese Cats?

Photo by: Catfacts.Org
Story by: George Adams

In case you are still undecided which cat to keep, Siamese or Burmese, you might as well go for the wonderful cross breed of these two – the Tonkinese. This beautiful breed was developed in the 1960’s in North America by cross breeding a Burmese cat with a Siamese cat. Unofficially however this cross breeding was being done many years before.

Usually cross breeds are created to follow a particular color or trait. But Tonkinese breed was created to get the best of both of the mother breeds – namely body, character and coat.

Because this breed has taken the best of both mother breeds, a Tonkinese cat is extremely friendly and pleasant in its personality. It is an excellent family pet or homes with many cats. They tolerate children and their pranks too. They are friendly with dogs and even other pets.

If you do not like cats that cuddle up, this breed is not meant for you, since they are extremely people friendly. Starting from being present at a children’s party to positioning itself on your lap to getting inside your cover while you are planning to go to bed.

Photo by: World4pets

The Tonkinese cat has a very playful nature.
They would love to play hide and seek or even launch an unannounced leap on a family member quite suddenly. Keep a lot of toys in the house to keep the cat playful and occupied. This is a good pet for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. If you work for long hours and remain out door, keep another Tonkinese cat to make a pair.

These cats can be trained very easily. You can train them to fetch, come to you when called or go for a walk on a leash. Cats with intelligence.

These cats come in brown, chocolate, red, blue, lilac, cream, cinnamon or fawn colors. You can have tortoiseshell, mink, self or tabby patterns on their bodies. They weigh six to twelve pounds. Their head is wedge-shaped and the eyes are slanted. They have a strong muscular body with a long and bushy tail. Only mink patterned cats participate in cat shows. These cats have attractive blue eyes whereas others have coat color or green eyes.

If you find Siamese cats too noisy and the Burmese too reticent, the Tonkinese cat is perhaps the right choice of feline.

About The Author
George Adams is a staff writer at http://www.pets-digest.com and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including http://www.theaquariumexpert.com.