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How to Keep Your Dog Happy While You Are at Work

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Story by : Jan Brass

One of the greatest moments of my day is walking through my front door and having my dog run up and greet me. No matter what kind of day I have had, my dog is always happy to see me and helps lift my spirits. New York City jobs, however, rarely allow us enough time to spend at home with our dogs, which is a challenge because I have to keep my dog in the apartment all day. Dogs are pack animals and are happier with company and with access to the outdoors. Sometimes dogs can experience depression or separation anxiety if kept away from social situations for too long. Keeping your dog happy can be a challenge, but by following a few suggestions, you can make life for you dog and yourself much easier and less chewed up shoes.

A tired dog is a happy dog

Dogs need exercise -- and lots of it. It is important to consider this fact when deciding on the type of dog to have. You need to make sure you are able to exercise your dog in the way he needs. The more exercise the dog gets before you leave, the more likely your dog will just lounge around a take a long nap while you're away. Dogs who do not exercise properly are the ones who tend to make more mischief while their ownerss are away at their New York City jobs. If you cannot exercise your pooch, hire someone who can. The dog walking business is a part of New York City culture. You can find a reliable, relatively affordable and close person to exercise your dog when you can't.

Create a cave

Wild dogs use caves and dens to take refuge from danger or when they just need a quiet place to relax. Training your dog to use an appropriately-sized crate can be beneficial for him and for you. The crate needs to be large enough for the dog to be able to stand up in and to turn around. Placing an old shirt or blanket that has your scent on it will help your dog feel even more comfortable in his "cave" and he may choose to just stay in there while you're away.

Keep them occupied

If you were stuck in a house all day, you would begin looking for something to do. Additionally, if you were stuck in the house every day, you would soon tire of doing the same activity day after day. Dogs are no exception. Having a basket of toys is great, but it is better to hide that basket and just pull out a few each day. You can rotate through the toys which will help bring some diversity to your dog's daily routine. Also, you can hide low-fat dog treats in random places in your house for your dog to find. There are also toys available which hide a treat inside and the treat can only be released after the dog has worked at it for a while. This type of toy will keep your dog occupied for hours and tire him out emotionally and mentally -- which is also a good thing.

Use food wisely

By feeding your dog his biggest meal of the day in the morning, your dog will want to take a nap instead of roaming around creating mischief. That being said, you will need to provide a place for your dog to do his business if you don't want to be cleaning up messes all the time. There are different products available which your dog can be trained to use. Your dog will appreciate not having to wait all day for you and you will appreciate not having to clean up messes all around your house.

Dogs want to please us. They want to give us all the love we can handle. They will be happier and provide longer companionship when we do what we can to help them during those times they have to be alone.

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