Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nature recipe Dog Food

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Story by: Abhinav Sidana

My dog, my friend, companion, pathfinder, seeker and watcher. whatever your dog means to you,your way of taking care of your dog will prove his love and affection to you. Dogs are very sentitive to love.The type of nature recipe dog food that you have for your dog will go a long way to determine the length of time your dog will live.I have listed below some nature recipe dog food that your dog will wag over and over again.

Whatever you do please dont feed your dog with foods spiced with gravy as it will eventually destroy the health of your dog, also a nature recipe dog food should not contain salts as this will kill your dogs system and you will not like it. 

In addition some people think our dogs should eat the way we eat threfore they go all out to providing the dogs with some kind of food meant for human consumption, your dog will not love you for this, For any reason dont feed your dog on tuna fish regularly, in short avoid it completely for it has been shown that too much tuna fish causes brain damage to dogs.

Now what kind of dog food recipe will you recommend nature recipe dog food is the best for your dog , i have made out a list for you to know what it contains and your dog will smile all day.

Whatever you feed your dog, make sure that your dog food recipe contains a blend of good ole’plain brown rice well cooked and garnished with yummy yummy chicken or turkey without the bones of course and make sure the chicken is real. your dog will go gaga on the breast of chicken,and for turkey give them the dark part of it and see them wag that tail to your delight.Organically blended meat is also good for your dog if you can lay your hand on any.

Never feed your dog on food preservatives.Your dog is your best friend. 

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You might not be knowing that most of the dog diseases are due to bad dog food. Prepare the best healthy dog food recipe for your dog. Dog Food Secrets is a guide that explains the dog food recipes with pictures. Don't let your dog die young.

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