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Be aware of your French Bulldog puppies

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Affectionate, good-natured, funny, and interesting and alertness—all represents the essential qualities for the perfect wonderful companion. And all exactly illustrates the French bulldog puppies. "Frenchies," as they are nicknamed, were initially have an attractive personality and has their unique characteristics of its own. Here are few ways to care and aware for this delightful dog with the charming look.

1) Sterilize or neuter your French Bulldog. Spaying female bulldog before the first heat prevents them from breast cancer and reduces the chance of uterine infections. Neutering male French bulldogs before age four prevents testicular cancer; helps them to sustain a healthy prostate and control violent behavior.
2) Take your French Bulldog puppy for regular medical checkups and stay update on vaccinations, bug and heartworm anticipatory. You can also undertake your companion a monthly home assessment of the skin, eyes, ears, nose, teeth and gums.
3) Keep your Frenchies teeth cleaned efficiently on a periodic basis. Assured veterinarians and pets teeth-cleaning professionals recommend anesthesia-free cleanings. Anesthesia can be dangerous for a French Bulldog breeder, due to their respiratory system; however their laid-back personality allows these types of trials can be done without an anesthetic.
4) Maintain your French Bulldog at a perfect healthy weight. Overweight Frenchies likely to suffer in swollen abdomen and breathing trouble. Feed them a good quality, grain-free or little granules, natural dog food includes actual meat and/or vegetables or a compromised natural diet with real meat and other fresh foods, which will result in less gassiness. Uncooked diet also works well for French Bulldog puppies.
5) Take your Frenchie every day for small walk. French Bulldog puppies are exact fit for apartment life and especially very active indoors, but still they require regular exercise.
6) Brush your French Bulldog puppies weekly once with help of a rubber brush or rubber grooming hand to get rid of their loose and dead hair. They are regular shedders only.
7) Clean your French Bulldog puppies attractive face folds and mouth frequently with a warm, wet washcloth, since they tend to slaver.
8) Bathe your French Bulldog whenever necessary. Usually every two months will be reasonable. Clean the ears with help a cotton ball and baby oil or else by means of ear cleaning solution for dogs. Maintain your Frenchie's nails trimmed to a comfortable length if needed.
9) French Bulldogs have a tough time adapting their body temperature because of their shorter nose. Warm climates can be fairly complicated on the French Bulldog breeds, and if proper care is not taken, can bring in death of the dog.
10) Creature a flat-nosed breed, French Bulldogs are at risk to heat stroke and won’t work well in severe temperatures, either hot or cold. Remain them in air conditioning during the summer and administrate their outdoor activity so they won't exceed themselves and become overheated.
11) Be cautious around your swimming pools. Majority French bulldogs won’t able to swim. They even can’t bear rough handling so always be soft in handy and action.

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