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Stop Barking Dogs Tips for Stopping Dog Barking

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Story by: Jimmy Fisher

Figuring out how to stop dog barking problems is always a challenge that many dog owners will face at some point during the point of owning a dog. However, dog barking problems are almost always a problem that you are going to want to try to control because the dog barking problems can be very disruptive for all of us and can even lead to neighbor complaints to you and if the dog barking problem is not fixed quickly enough they could even complain to the police or animal control which is definitely something that you do not want to have happen. Here is a great tip that can help you learn how to stop your dog barking problems and head off problems with your neighbors.

The number one tip that can help you with your dog barking problems is to try to figure out what exactly your dog is barking at. I know this might seem like an odd thing to do, but you will want to try to figure out what your dog is barking at before you even start to yell at them or punish them in any form. Here are some of the things that your dog could be barking at.

The first thing that your dog could be barking at is a strange noise. So if your dog is barking at a strange noise it could be something new in your home or it could be someone breaking into your home so you will want to rule out all the options above and get your dog used to any new noises in your home.

The second thing is strangers walking down the street. Now you might not think that the street with strangers could set your dog off, but they might see someone that sets something off in their mind and they could view them as a threat and will want to warn everyone in the house about them.

The third thing that they could be barking at is to get your attention. Now if your dog is barking for your attention then you are going to want to stop that dog barking behavior because they will keep doing that each time to get your attention. So the best way to stop dog barking for attention would be to ignore them until they stop barking and then praise them.

While you might be trying to figure out how to stop your dog barking problems you will want to make sure that you try to figure out what your dog is barking at first. I know that the three things that I listed are the main ones that my dog likes to bark at and I am sure that your dog is probably the same as mine.

About Author Jimmy Fisher :
Jimmy is a dog lover and currently has four dogs of his own. He lives with his wife and two beautiful children. If you want even more information on how to stop your dog barking you will want to click here dogbarkingcure.info.


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