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Length and Amount of Time Your Dog Needs For Regular Exercise

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All of us needs exercise to keep our body parts functional and well moving. Our dogs are no different, are they? They also require sufficient exercise and need to flex their muscles. But there is no uniform amount of exercise that suits all kinds of dogs irrespective of their age or breed. This article will provide some basic guidelines on the type of exercises that may suit your dog.

As I had already mentioned, breed plays a part in determining the type of exercise needed. Say, hunting dogs, herding dogs and sled dogs need more exercise.

Let us then consider the issue of energy level! The very energetic ones will probably bubbling with stamina and thus indicating their need for exercising while the relatively low spirited ones would lie around, sleeping or dozing.

Another issue to be taken into consideration is the age o the dog, the amount of exercise required is inversely proportional to the age of the dog. In case the dog has playmates, like other dogs or cats he may have more exercise when playing with them.

The size of your dog does not feature in the determining features of the amount of exercise needed. There is no consensus that approves the view that big dogs need any more exercise than their smaller counterparts. In fact some of the giant breeds of dogs require very less exercise.

For example consider a Chihuahua. You will be amazed to discover that this tiny, cute, little animal is actually a mini power-house who can keep on bouncing long after you have collapsed on the sofa. And opposite to it, consider the Mastiff, a relatively larger cousin of the Chihuahua. It will be more than happy if you take it around the neighborhood for a short walk. Another little rocket can be the Jack Russell Terrier who might want t keep going even after three miles of exercising.

If you want to see optimum results of the exercising sessions then ensure that you are consistent with it. Abrupt walks are not going to add any flexibility to you dogs’ reflexes. On the other hand if you do take your dog out for regular exercising sessions then with a high degree of certainty he will not only be more active and show an improvement in their health but it will also make them immensely happy, to follow their natural instincts.

And let us end with a bit of friendly advice. If you see your dog panting don’t confuse it with signs of fatigue. It is simply that they are cooling themselves off. It is akin to the process of sweating in humans.

So the next time when you go out with your dog, make that walk a relatively long one. It will not only help your dog but so much running and frolicking will surely shed those extra kilos that you have been meaning to take care of for quite sometime now.

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