Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Symptoms of Pregnant Cat Behavior

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By Darrel Rondo

You know, There are probably two kinds of people reading this article on Symptoms of Pregnant Cat Behavior. Cat Breeders who are looking for more information on the "tricks of their trade", and people like me, who although they love their cats very much, when she's in heat and DETERMINED to get out, one way or another, someway or somehow, she sometimes does.

When that happens your cat comes strolling in after a day or so, very hungry, kind of cocky and perky and you start to wonder "how good of a time did she have?" That's when you start looking for symptoms of pregnant cat behavior.

The best way to start is to compare the way she is and was acting before and after she slipped out of your sight. What I mean is when looking for symptoms of pregnant cat behavior, how did she act before you lost sight of her. Whining, crying, in heat, always moving around, phygiddy, always crying out the window or standing at the door. Yes they can be very puuursuasive.

How is she acting after you found her again or she came strolling back into the house or the apartment. Hungry? Mellow? Eats a big plate of food then goes to sleep for about a day and a half? If you notice within the next two or three days or so that she's no longer in heat and she's calm, mild manner, playful little friendly girl, you may need to start looking for symptoms of pregnant cat behavior.

If your cat is pregnant, after about two weeks you'll start to see her bulging at the sides. Most people would think to look under the stomach or gently feel under there. But if you stand over your cat and look directly down on her, you'll see two little bulges on her sides, right behind the rib cage. As time goes on the bulges get bigger and start to drop into her belly. Once you see the two noticeable bulges, you've got yourself a pregnant cat.

So remember, the symptoms of pregnant cat behavior:

First, check to see how she's acting before and after you've lost sight of her. If she's acting wild and crazy, Whining and crying and then the next time you see her again after you find her, she's mellow, kind of playful, sluggish, sleepy, thats a sign that she's no longer in heat because she's pregnant.

Second, after a few weeks if you start to see her sides bulging a little bit right underneath the rib cage, well, in about sixty days expect to see the cutest little holy terrors you'll ever see in your life.

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